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BLACKPINK Lisa - Bvlgari Global Ambassador - Shows "Ant Waist" for "Magnifica"


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BLACKPINK Lisa Appointed as Ambassador for BVLGARI

Fashion Queen Lisa is back! The BLACKPINK member, also Bvlgari global ambassador, showed off her visuals and "ant waist" in her latest shoot for the brand's "Magnifica" campaign.

The prelude to the 2021 campaign, which involves Bvlgari global ambassador Lisa, left fans in awe. Over the latest photos released, BLINKs couldn't help but be in awe of Lisa's beauty and incredible body proportion!

In the campaign, Bvlgari pursues ultimate beauty with bold dreams in a special world that transcends time and space. "Just as dreams lead us anywhere and have the power to make life fascinating," the high-end brand freely imagine with a message to make bold, distant, and big dreams fun, and portray all visions possible.

Fashion icon Lisa participated in the campaign, and instantly sparked immense attention. Leaving behind the backdrop of the dynamics and energy of the "Eternal City" Rome, the female star reinterpreted the Italian brand jewelry in her own way, perfectly showing the boldness and splendor that Bvlgari aims for.


source https://www.kpopstarz.com/articles/299711/20210624/look-blackpink-lisa-flaunts-ant-waist-bvlgari-magnifica.htm


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