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BamBam and Mark Tuan Reveal The Story Behind GOT7’s World Tour April Fools’ Pranks

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GOT7 went viral due to their hilarious April Fools’ pranks. Members, such as BamBam, Jinyoung, and Jay B (JB), shared posters of their fake solo world tours across social media.

Fans theorized that maknae BamBam was the mastermind behind all of this, and they were correct.

In an Instagram Live, Mark read comments, and a fan said that they thought his black hair was an April Fools’ joke. He confirmed it to be real and said, “No, I’m not going to pull jokes like that.” The comment made him laugh and provoked him to ask, “Did you guys fall for BamBam’s concert jokes?”


Someone asked, “BamBam’s concert was a joke?” Mark teased them, “You didn’t know?! He said ‘April Fools’ on Twitter, guys. Come on!” He then shared that BamBam had actually made several edits to share for April Fools’ Day.

He made like ten of them and sent it to the group chat. He made one for all of the members.

— Mark

He laughed about Jinyoung’s solo world tour poster. He remembered it saying, “I got no concert or I got no tour, something like that.” 

When asked to reveal his poster, Mark explained, “The thing is they were talking about it when I was sleeping, so I didn’t ask him for one, so I don’t have one.” 

A couple of days later, BamBam held his first live broadcast since starting his own VLIVE channel. During it, he answered some of Ahgases’ questions, and revealed even more behind the April Fools’ pranks! He shared what he has been up to recently, including his fun edits made for April Fools’ Day.

He recalled both Jay B and Jinyoung posting their solo world tour posters that he had made for them. BamBam explained that he had posted first, and it got the attention of the other members.

Jackson thought it was funny, but it was Jay B who was especially impressed. He told BamBam that he made his poster well, to which BamBam then offered to make one for him too. He was pleasantly surprised when Jay B ended up posting it!

BamBam said that Youngjae also requested one. He added that he actually didn’t make one for everyone but only those who contacted him.
Knowing now that were multiple posters made, fans asked BamBam to share more of the tour posters. He rejected the request and said, “No more, no more, that’s it, that’s it! That’s all I got.” 

While it was all a joke, BamBam shared that his goals for the year are actually to release an album and hold concerts. As they say, there’s a grain of truth in every joke.

The tour for April Fools’ was a joke, but I want to do it… I dont know if I can leave the country but, these days, there are so many ways to have concerts!

— BamBam

Fans responded by saying that an online concert would be good enough, but he appeared skeptical. He hopes that when the time comes, it will be offline, and he can visit more countries. He said, “If corona is over, I’ll go everywhere!”

We will patiently wait for the BamBam solo world tour to become a reality!


source: koreaboo

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