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That one time Taehyung betrayed Jimin

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    • By vedi
      GOT7‘s Mark Tuan has recently gone home to California and is spending time with his family. His dad Raymond Tuan has been thrilled to have his son back with the family. As a result, he has been sharing lots of wholesome content of Mark on Twitter.

      GOT7’s Mark with his dad | @linbea945/Twitter
      With summer approaching and California’s weather getting warmer, they’re ready to put their pool to good use! Mark’s dad posted photos on Twitter, showing the fresh water added to the pool, and said, “Summer is coming, get new water ready for the boys.” 

      | @linbea945/Twitter
      Along with photos of the pool, he shared a sweet family memory with his followers. In the picture, he is in the water along with his sons, Mark and Joey, when they were much younger.

      From left: Joey, Raymond, and Mark Tuan | @linbea945/Twitter
      Mark’s dad has previously shared pictures of him enjoying his time at the pool during his last trip back home. Time to make some new memories! Check out the latest post below:
      source: koreaboo
    • By vedi
      BLACKPINK's Rose has become the global ambassador of American luxury jewelry and specialty retailer 'Tiffany & Co.'.
      On April 21, 'Tiffany & Co.' announced, "Rose, a member of the global girl group BLACKPINK and a solo artist who represents K-pop, was chosen as a new global ambassador for the brand." The BLACKPINK member will be starting as an endorsement model for the brand's digital campaign for the '2021 Tiffany HardWear' collection.
      Rose stated, "To be part of such an iconic brand that's been a part of my life for a long time makes it that much more special to me. I'm very honored and excited. I can't wait for everyone to see it."
      Launched in 2017, the 'Tiffany HardWear' collection was inspired by the attitude and energy of New York City, and it features industrial shapes and bold designs. In the photos, Rose wears a 18K gold link necklace and wrap bracelet from the collection.

      source: allkpop
    • By vedi
      BTS is the latest celebrity name to be given their own McDonald's combo.

      On April 19 EST, McDonald's announced the upcoming launch of the 'BTS Meal' – consisting of a 10-piece Chicken McNugget order, a medium order of World Famous French Fries, a medium Coke, and special Sweet Chili and Cajun dipping sauces inspired by real dipping sauces available at McDonald's locations in South Korea.
      "The band has great memories with McDonald's. We're excited about this collaboration and can't wait to share the BTS Meal with the world," a representative for Big Hit Music commented in an official statement on the group's behalf.
      The 'BTS Meal' will officially be available starting May 26, and will not only include the United States, eventually launching in 50 countries total during May and June. 
      Meanwhile, previous celebrities involved in similar promotions include musicians Travis Scott and J Balvin.
      The full release schedule of the 'BTS Meal' can be seen below.

      source: allkpop
    • By vedi
      Stray Kids‘ Bang Chan celebrated his 100th episode of Chan’s Room with some special guests!
      His fellow 3RACHA members Changbin and Han joined him. They came in with gifts of flowers and cake while singing “Happy Birthday.”
      As usual, they played music, but this time, it was all songs recommended by Stray Kids members. They also ended up playing some of their own songs but unreleased ones.
      The company probably does not know about this, but we’re just going to do it anyway. We’re going to play three songs and we’ll play a little bit and see what you guys think about it.
      — Bang Chan
      They played snippets from three unreleased 3RACHA songs. The first song was “Happy,” a love song written by Han. He said that the song is inspired by a scenario he imagined.
      The next song they played was “Sorry I Like You,” written by Changbin and sung by Seungmin. The song expresses worry over a friendship being ruined due to romantic feelings. The third song was “Wish You Back,” written by Han. It is inspired by the film Your Name. They played a very small portion of the song because he is saving it.
      After playing the songs, Bang Chan realized that he had released quite a lot of spoilers to a large audience of 6 million. He gasped, “Wow, there’s 6 million people?! Oh my gosh!” He began to regret his actions. He added, “Too many people watched. Now we’re going to get in trouble.” He laughed the pain away.
      Just from the small portions heard, we already know that once 3RACHA releases these songs officially, we’ll have them on repeat!
      Check out the thread of songs below!
      source: koreaboo
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    • BTS x FILA New Beginning Vintage Label Sweat Shirt: Jhope
      BTS x FILA New Beginning Vintage Label Sweat Shirt: Jhope


      How are you guys?

      February event starts. This is the sweatshirt worn by J-Hope from FILA and BTS's new beginning collection for 2021.
      If you like green color and jhope, fila or clothes, join now 

      Challenge yourself as a fashion tester now!

      *Application period: Now ~ Feb. 08 KST


      *How to apply:


      1. Please write your thoughts about this sweat shirt in the comments below.
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      *Reward: 1 BTS FILA NEW BEGINNING Vintage Label Sweatshirts (Learn more)



      *Announcement: Feb.08 2021(KST)
      -Exchange is not possible after receiving the product.
      -The announcement date may be delayed depending on the selection process.



      *Review writing period (Winner only): Within one week after receiving the product (Write a review here)
      (The written review can be used secondarily as marketing content.)



      *Notes on writing a review
      -Please do not delete the written review post and keep it.





      *WINNER: ???

      Winner can write a review here.

      Winner write reviews on behalf of hundreds of applicants.

      Don't be disappointed that you didn't win. Another event awaits you.

      Winning Tip: Community Activities

      Winners must send a message to megacoffee within 2 days. Winners without contact will be considered void.



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    • Yay! My Lamodechief arrived!


      First of all, I was so impressed with how quickly the shirt was dispatched and how fast it arrived. It was shipped 11/01 and arrived on 15/01 (to the UK) via DHL express. There were no customs, wow! I was so happy hearing a doorbell. 

      When I opened the package I was honestly starstruck. The quality is superb, the material is so pleasing to touch, even though it's not fluffy. I decided to wear it a couple of times to write my honest review. 

      I was wondering about the sizing, as I'm a shortie (5'1 or 154). I picked the smaller size, and I can say that I couldn't pick more perfectly. I love oversize shirts for a cozy evenings and this one is definitely it, although I will also wear it as a dress and add harness as the accessory. The sleeves are long and so nice! If you wanna feel little and cute this is an item for you. But men can wear it too! It will look so stylish, just check how Jungkook is wearing it, isn't he slaying? 

      I will definitely wear it a lot.

      For my review pics I paired it with a black bum bag, chain boots and leggings. I feel both cute and sexy in this look. 
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      • 10 replies
    • Fila has released the promotional photos of BTS for FILA New Semester 2021 New Beginning
      Fila has released the promotional photos of BTS for FILA New Semester 2021 New Beginning. Check out the pictures below and share your thoughts on the new products. Are you excited?








      Group picture

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      • 6 replies
    • BTS x Fila 2021.jpg
      • 0 replies
    • Any song recommendations aside from Bts' song? 
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      • 26 replies
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