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[RESULT] BTS x FILA Voyager collection Rare Sneakers

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BTS x FILA Voyager Collection Sneakers Zama Shine Black 1GM01198_001







*Application period: Today ~ 21.DEC 2020 KST

*How to apply:

Please write your thoughts about 'Rare Fila x BTS Voyager Collection
Zama Shine Shoes Black 1GM01198_001
 ' in the comments below.


*Reward: 1 Fila x BTS Voyager Collection
Zama Shine Shoes Black 1GM01198_001(Learn more)

Size: JP24

*Announcement: 24 DEC 2020 (KST)
-Exchange is not possible after receiving the product.
-The announcement date may be delayed depending on the selection process.

*Review writing period (Winner only): ~01/04 (Write a review here winner only)
(The written review can be used secondarily as marketing content.)

*Notes on writing a review
-Please do not delete the written review post and keep it.

*WINNER: rheadoo

  • Winner can write a review here.
  • Winner write reviews on behalf of hundreds of applicants.
  • Don't be disappointed that you didn't win. Another event awaits you.
  • Winning Tip: Community Activities
  • Winners must send a message to megacoffee within 2 days. Winners without contact will be considered void.

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  • megacoffee changed the title to [Coming Soon] BTS x FILA Voyager collection
  • megacoffee changed the title to [Coming Soon] BTS x FILA Voyager collection Sneakers
  • megacoffee changed the title to [OPEN] BTS x FILA Voyager collection Rare Sneakers

Wow, these shoes are on a different level. This gives me modern-day fashionista vibes, no wonder BTS decided to add these sneakers to their rare collection! 

I'm not going to forget to mention how much individuality these shoes have... I've never seen black sneakers like these before, it makes me want to show them off even more, make me a little taller too (good for me since i'm on the shorter side :classic_laugh:) ! It will make anyone feel like a brand new person for sure.

Overall, its slick, dark design can match with any look and also make you stand out, BTS knows how to bring the best out of ARMY 🙂

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Chunky shoes have been a staple in fashion for the past few years, but the majority of them are white. I, myself, own two pairs of white chunky sneakers but I don't have any other ones. These shoes will be a trendy edition to anyone's closet. Being an ARMY since 2014, I'm dying to try out these shoes from their latest collab. 

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These shoes look extremely comfortable and I think that is the most important value here and I am pleased just by looking at them because they are impossible to get here in my country and I just think they are really nice and I can hopefully get a pair in the future. 👐

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  • Fashion Tester

It is a very amazing pair of shoes disguised as minimalistic and simple. The shoes have suede borders which makes it feel more grand to the wearer. The material looks breathable too, seems like the kind of shoes that can serve both as casual shoes and running shoes! They honestly do look the kind of shoes we wore to school (we had a uniform) so it does give me nostalgia haha. Also, the cushioning between the platform and the sole of the shoes makes the shoe more comfortable and the wearer appear taller! i like these shoes but i prefer colorful tones better but i think anyone would be happy to get these shoes which are superior in quality! 🙂

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  • Level 2

I absolutely love the FILA VOYAGER collection. The way it involves a cosmic-like concept and colors is very unique and interesting. I own a pair of FILA sneakers and they are very comfortable and funky at the same time. BTS' collections are always out of the box and so creative, and this one is not much different. As for this pair of shoes, they have a quite minimalistic design yet have got their beauty and uniqueness in their own way. They look very comfortable and stylish, and absolutely like a pair of shoes you can wear with every pieces of clothes and to every occasion. Would definetly love to have ones for myself!

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  • Fashion Tester

BTS x FILA is very much a trendy look, who wouldn’t wanna wear this slick but also very fashionable sneakers out. The colors chosen for these shoes is perfect since you can’t ever really go wrong with black/white. The material looks very very comfortable especially for the times where you have to stand or walk around for long period of time. 2 inspiring figures collaborating is all we could ever want and we got it. Also being a dancer these sneakers would not only look great but also give me a boost of confidence when going over routines.

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I actually own a pair of black FILA shoes myself but I’ve slightly outgrown them as they were part of the disruptor collection in black velvet. I’m ready to move onto the next new style! FILA worked nicely on the design and practicality of these shoes, as well as BTS rocked the wearing of these shoes as to make us want to purchase them. From the description and the pictures of this product, I can tell they would be as good as to walk around the city, as city shoes, as well as being perfect dance shoes. the platform and wedge of the shoes give them an unique while trendy look which is perfect nowadays. 

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What Fila has done for the Voyager Collection is given us a versatile piece that is anything but basic. It gives us this class all black look but defines its style by doing in different textures that highlight the shoe as a whole. The white middle also defines the extra height without being chunky. Honestly I feel like you can where this pair anywhere the gym, a date, the grocery store it can fight into any occasion.💜

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The BTS x FILA Voyager Collection sneakers are very similar to the FILA disruptors that I currently wear. I love the look of this specific sneaker because the two tone is perfect for any occasion. I love how versatile and cute this pair of sneakers look. I personally love the off-white/beige tone of the lining of the shoe. The Voyager Collection sneakers in Zama Shine Black sets itself apart from other competing shoe designs because it provides height and comfort as well as an effortless, simple look. 

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At first glance, I thought there was nothing special about this pair of shoes but when I paid more attention, I was surprised by the details of the design. The chunky heel was well hidden by its immaculate design and the FILA logo on the side of the shoes serves it purpose yet is not too loud in colors. The monochrome theme means any color outfit will match it! Another feature is the sole of the shoe. I love how FILA is engraved at the bottom and the surrounding design reminds me of tyre thread and I can associate it with being a voyager who travels a lot (like BTS!). This is such a genius design and I can see a lot of thought is put in this design. So while it is not love at first sight, I can proudly say its ‘Falling more in love with it everyday’. 

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  • megacoffee changed the title to [RESULT] BTS x FILA Voyager collection Rare Sneakers

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    • hahaha, now I know who's your bias nyahaha
    • I've looked at a few of the other MLB sneakers after I tried these on~~ I'm sure they're all super comfortable, just like this one!!
    • I've been eyeing this one for months! Really interested with the other MLB sneakers as well! 💗
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