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  1. Such a lovely song
  2. At the start of 2021, GOT7 departed from JYP Entertainment. They have confirmed that they will continue as GOT7, hopefully releasing an album a year. At this time, they are also pursuing solo careers. The group has released their latest single, “Encore,” under Warner Music Korea, but each member has now all signed with new companies. Here are the companies each member is now signed to… 1. Jay B (H1GHR Label) GOT7’s leader Jay B is the latest to sign to a new company. While he has released music with Offshore crew through Warner, he has officially joined Jay Park‘s H1GHR Label. It was created to “bridge the gap” between Korean and American artists. 2. Yugyeom (AOMG) After lots of speculation from fans, Yugyeom was confirmed to join AOMG, another record label founded by Jay Park. Like H1GHR Label, it focuses primarily on R&B and hip-hop. It’s home to many artists, including Loco, Gray, and Simon Dominic. 3. Jinyoung (BH Entertainment) Jinyoung signed a contract with BH Entertainment. Company officials said, “We will support Jinyoung’s acting and singing as well as other various activities within our company system of BH Entertainment.” 4. Youngjae (Sublime Artist Agency) Youngjae joined solo artist Rain and actor Song Kang Ho by signing with Sublime Artist Agency. He recently explained that he chose the company because he was familiar with the people that worked there. 5. Jackson (Team Wang) Jackson clarified recently that he is actually signed to his own label Team Wang. They are, however, currently in a partnership with Sublime Agency, the new home company of fellow GOT7 member Youngjae. 6. Mark (Creative Artists Agency LLC) In April, Mark signed with the American talent and sports agency Creative Artists Agency LLC, commonly referred to as CAA. It’s a company with a great reputation as it manages a large number of diverse artists, such as SuperM and NCT 127, as well as Beyoncé and Harry Styles! 7. BamBam (ABYSS COMPANY) BamBam signed a contract with ABYSS COMPANY in March. Since then, the agency has opened up official accounts for BamBam on various social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. He shared recently that he joined ABYSS COMPANY based on Sunmi‘s influence. source: koreaboo
  3. GOT7‘s Mark Tuan has recently gone home to California and is spending time with his family. His dad Raymond Tuan has been thrilled to have his son back with the family. As a result, he has been sharing lots of wholesome content of Mark on Twitter. GOT7’s Mark with his dad | @linbea945/Twitter With summer approaching and California’s weather getting warmer, they’re ready to put their pool to good use! Mark’s dad posted photos on Twitter, showing the fresh water added to the pool, and said, “Summer is coming, get new water ready for the boys.” | @linbea945/Twitter Along with photos of the pool, he shared a sweet family memory with his followers. In the picture, he is in the water along with his sons, Mark and Joey, when they were much younger. From left: Joey, Raymond, and Mark Tuan | @linbea945/Twitter Mark’s dad has previously shared pictures of him enjoying his time at the pool during his last trip back home. Time to make some new memories! Check out the latest post below: source: koreaboo
  4. GOT7 went viral due to their hilarious April Fools’ pranks. Members, such as BamBam, Jinyoung, and Jay B (JB), shared posters of their fake solo world tours across social media. Fans theorized that maknae BamBam was the mastermind behind all of this, and they were correct. In an Instagram Live, Mark read comments, and a fan said that they thought his black hair was an April Fools’ joke. He confirmed it to be real and said, “No, I’m not going to pull jokes like that.” The comment made him laugh and provoked him to ask, “Did you guys fall for BamBam’s concert jokes?” Someone asked, “BamBam’s concert was a joke?” Mark teased them, “You didn’t know?! He said ‘April Fools’ on Twitter, guys. Come on!” He then shared that BamBam had actually made several edits to share for April Fools’ Day. He made like ten of them and sent it to the group chat. He made one for all of the members. — Mark He laughed about Jinyoung’s solo world tour poster. He remembered it saying, “I got no concert or I got no tour, something like that.” When asked to reveal his poster, Mark explained, “The thing is they were talking about it when I was sleeping, so I didn’t ask him for one, so I don’t have one.” A couple of days later, BamBam held his first live broadcast since starting his own VLIVE channel. During it, he answered some of Ahgases’ questions, and revealed even more behind the April Fools’ pranks! He shared what he has been up to recently, including his fun edits made for April Fools’ Day. He recalled both Jay B and Jinyoung posting their solo world tour posters that he had made for them. BamBam explained that he had posted first, and it got the attention of the other members. Jackson thought it was funny, but it was Jay B who was especially impressed. He told BamBam that he made his poster well, to which BamBam then offered to make one for him too. He was pleasantly surprised when Jay B ended up posting it! BamBam said that Youngjae also requested one. He added that he actually didn’t make one for everyone but only those who contacted him. Knowing now that were multiple posters made, fans asked BamBam to share more of the tour posters. He rejected the request and said, “No more, no more, that’s it, that’s it! That’s all I got.” While it was all a joke, BamBam shared that his goals for the year are actually to release an album and hold concerts. As they say, there’s a grain of truth in every joke. The tour for April Fools’ was a joke, but I want to do it… I dont know if I can leave the country but, these days, there are so many ways to have concerts! — BamBam Fans responded by saying that an online concert would be good enough, but he appeared skeptical. He hopes that when the time comes, it will be offline, and he can visit more countries. He said, “If corona is over, I’ll go everywhere!” We will patiently wait for the BamBam solo world tour to become a reality! source: koreaboo
  5. GOT7's maknae Yugyeom has officially signed an exclusive contract with AOMG! AOMG took to instagram to welcome the talented artist to their company, and posted: AOMG가 아티스트 유겸과 전속계약을 체결하고 새로운 시작을 함께하게 되었습니다. 앞으로 AOMG와 함께 선보일 유겸의 다채로운 음악적 행보에 많은 관심과 기대 부탁드리며, 반가운 소식과 함께 공개된 유겸의 'FRANCHISE' Dance Visual을 지금 AOMGOFFICIAL 유튜브 채널에서 확인하세요. We are here to announce that YUGYEOM is officially signed with AOMG to take a new step together. Please keep your eyes out on YUGYEOM’s various musical activities with AOMG. YUGYEOM’s Dance Visual 'FRANCHISE' is now available to watch on AOMGOFFICIAL YouTube channel. See the posts and video below. Congratulations to Yugyeom and best wishes for his career! https://www.instagram.com/p/CLb_PnuheTA/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CLcCcvlFFnX/?igshid=1qn8dx58j9rns
  6. Fans may be on the verge of going insane from the suspense, as AOMG has just dropped another "Coming Up Next" teaser film! In this slightly lengthier teaser video, the same man who was seen from a distance in the initial "Coming Up Next" video can be seen slightly closer up. While the camera's angle gives a direct view of the figure's jawline, his face is still very much covered by the cap on his head, as well as the overall darkness of the video. While we can't be 100% certain until AOMG makes a more detailed announcement, fans are all but convinced that the man in the teaser above is GOT7's Yugyeom! As many fans know, Yugyeom was one of the first GOT7 members to sign on with a new agency, AOMG, after the group announced their official departure from JYP Entertainment in January of this year. Stay tuned to find out if fans' suspicions are true! source: allkpop
  7. GOT7's Mark and Sanjoy have dropped "One in a Million". "One in a Million" is a collaboration between the GOT7 member and EDM producer and DJ Sanjoy, and it's about someone special who's a one in a million in your eyes. It's also Mark's first ever release since leaving JYP Entertainment. Listen to Mark x Sanjoy's "One in a Million" and share your thoughts on the track below! source: allkpop
  8. GOT7's Mark is heading back to USA. After all 7 members of GOT7 decided not to renew their contract with JYP Entertainment, all the members went their separate ways (but assured fans that they were still GOT7). Mark opened up his own YouTube channel and he's heading home today, January 31st, with his beloved Milo. BamBam posted a photo that BamBam and Mark took on Mark's first day in Korea, reminiscing about the days and promising that they'd see each other again 'really soon'. The other members also saw him off as he headed back. Best of luck to all the GOT7 members! source: allkpop
  9. GOT7's Jackson has dropped the full MV for his latest solo single, "一個人 (Alone)". In his first new solo music release since GOT7's departure from JYP Entertainment, Jackson delivers an inspiring message for his fans by depicting his personal experiences on his journey as a musician through the lyrics. "一個人 (Alone)" was written and composed by Jackson with BOYTOY, and fans were particularly moved to see traces of Jackson's history in the track's MV. Watch and listen to Jackson's ""一個人 (Alone)", below! source: allkpop
  10. On January 28, BH Entertainment officially confirmed via various media outlets that GOT7 member/actor Jinyoung has joined their team. The label revealed, "We will support Jinyoung both physically and mentally within our systematic management so that he can continue his activities both as a singer and an actor." BH Entertainment is home to many representative Korean actors and actresses in film and dramas, including Lee Byung Hun, Kim Go Eun, Park Bo Young, Lee Ji Ah, Lee Jin Wook, Han Hyo Joo, and more. Best of luck to Jinyoung under BH Entertainment! Source: allkpop
  11. Kpop idols are known for having vibrant colored hair, ranging from black to blonde to even bold colors like red and green. However, amongst these, the color blue is quickly climbing up the preferences of haircolors these days! Here are 20 idols who absolutely rock blue hair! BTS' Taehyung NCT Dream's Jeno IU GOT7's Jaebeom MAMAMOO's Wheein BTS' Jimin ATEEZ's Hongjoong ITZY's Ryujin NCT 127's Taeyong Stray Kids' Han NCT Dream's Jisung Twice's Dahyun GOT7's Youngjae EXO's Baekhyun BTS' Yoongi MAMAMOO's Moonbyul NCT Dream's Jaemin EXO's Kai TXT's Yeonjun ASTRO's Rocky What are your thoughts? Feel free to add more idols in the comments below!
  12. On January 22, Sublime Artist Agency confirmed with various media outlets that they have signed a strategic partnership with GOT7 member Jackson's label, Team Wang. Sublime Artist Agency will be working with Team Wang not just in Korea and China, but in global business ventures. The two sides will collaborate on management, production, publishing, advertisement deals, rookie training, and more. Meanwhile, Sublime Artist Agency is also home to Jackson's fellow GOT7 member, Youngjae. Sublime Artist Agency stated, "We're glad to be together with talented artist Youngjae. In addition to music activities, we'll provide support so he can show his talents in various fields." The label is also home to stars like Rain, Song Kang Ho, EXID's Hani, Lim Na Young, Hyomin, and more. Source: allkpop, allkpop
  13. GOT7 wrote a handwritten letter to fans after they officially left JYP Entertainment. GOT7 recently wrapped up 7 years with the label and left touching messages to fans on Twitter. On January 19, the group wrote the following letter to their fans, Ahgases, with each member taking turns to write a section: "Ahgases, this is GOT7. Firstly, we're feeling really sorry towards Ahgases for writing a post because of this reason. We've come to an end with JYP Entertainment, who created GOT7 together with us and did their best for us to the end, without a contract renewal. But we will cheer each other on despite this. All the members will be taking responsibility for each of our own futures, together, while embarking on a new start with people who will go to the future with us together. We're conveying this to our fans through this post as we wanted to tell you guys first. We know all too well that well-written words will still not be able to make up for the hurt felt by Ahgases. But as GOT7, there is only one thing we can really tell you! We'll continue to make music for Ahgases! While making and sharing this music in the future, we want to be together with you! To Ahgases that have supported us and watched us on despite our lacking ways, we want not to keep these memories with you guys in the past, but put them towards the future. In a way that isn't just a hope but a reality, we'll show you guys our 7 members' unique sides that will continue to grow for a long time. Love you, IGOT7." What are your thoughts on this? Share them below! Source: Allkpop
  14. GOT7 have dropped a special MV for their 7th debut anniversary. Watch their journey, love for each other and brotherhood below!
  15. Today is GOT7's debut anniversary! The boygroup deubted under JYP with their hit song 'Girls, Girls, Girls' on 16th January 2014. Lets wish the boys happiness and success for their future endeavours!
  16. It is GOT7's Kim Yugyeom's birthday today. Let's wish him a happy birthday!
  17. It is GOT7's BamBam's birthday today. Let's wish him a happy birthday!
  18. It is GOT7's Choi Youngjae's birthday today. Let's wish him a happy birthday!
  19. It is GOT7's Park Jinyoung's birthday today. Let's wish him a happy birthday!
  20. It is Got7's Jackson Wang's birthday today. Let's wish him a happy birthday!
  21. It is Got7's Mark Tuan's birthday today. Let's wish him a happy birthday!
  22. It is Got7's Leader Im Jaebeom's birthday today. Let's wish him a happy birthday!
  23. GOT7 have dropped their performance videos of their 6th fanmeeting. Watch them below! Confession Song 1+1 Breath Run Away Playground
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