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About Me

  1. Enjoying my Hanbok dream in our city - I felt like a princess lost in my own modern Joseon. Do you like Hanbok, KPOPQ community?

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  2. BTS Jimin new sunglasses, Fake me Aha GLD These are the sunglasses that Jimin wore in Permission to Dance. This is a fakeme aha gld model. I like the round square frame.
  3. Jung Hoseok was born on 18th February, 1994 in Ilgokdong, Gwangju, South Korea. Let's wish him a happy birthday!
  4. Happy Birthday to the TAE of my JIN. TAEJIN! Borahae!
  5. Kim Seokjin was born on 4th December, 1992 in Gwacheonsi, South Korea. Let's wish him a happy birthday!
  6. Park Jimin was born on 13th October, 1995 in Geumsadong, Busan, South Korea. Let's wish him a happy birthday!
  7. It's just so nice to see there are people and students I encountered in my classes that like BTS. haha She likes BTS and TXT, eh. So, we talked about BTS the whole class. Buti na lang, it's a free talk. haha

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  8. Hi everyone~ I'm back from my hibernation ㅋㅋㅋ Sorry for being MIA for so long! Last May, I was lucky to have been given another chance to review products from Hallyumart. Initially, I was offered the tracksuit set that the BTS members wore in one of their RUN episodes, but I'm glad that we settled with the BTS x Fila (Runner's Instinct) jacket and shorts set! I received my package immediately and as usual, the delivery took less than a week! Seriously love Hallyumart's quick dispatch of items. Plus, the team really feels like family and is extremely friendly and nice to talk to. I'm on my knees with puppy dog eyes to apologize for how late my review is! 🥺 To make up for it, I'm here now with a full review on the items that I got! The item: BTS X Fila Runner's Instinct Tapy Warm Up Jackets FS2JKD1201X_BLK Size: L (Length 70cm x Chest 128cm) Color: Black Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ This jacket features a high neck, a zipper closure along the front, elasticized cuffs, two front pockets, sleeve tape designs and drawstrings on the bottom hem. I'm not saying this because Jungkook was wearing the exact same thing in their ad ... but this is my # 1 pick in the Runner's Instinct Fila Performance Shoes Project campaign! I would still buy this even if it wasn't endorsed by BTS and worn by JK because it is definitely right up my alley in terms of style! I am obsessed with the fit! It has room for movement, but doesn't look too baggy. I think I could have gone away with a size medium, but I always love sizing up so this was perfect on me. The classic sportswear details makes it look stylish while maintaining its functionality. It's a super versatile and trendy jacket that can go from a workout to a day out with friends~ Here are a few more things I love about the jacket: 🖤 The material is lightweight and really comfortable 🖤 Travel-friendly, doesn't take up a lot of space when storing for trips 🖤 Protects you from wind and light rain 🖤 Can work as a statement piece to elevate an outfit 🖤 Pairs well with almost all kinds of bottoms: jeans, leggings, shorts, skirts and even some dresses 꿀팁 (tip): If the sleeves are too long, roll them up. *** The item: BTS X Fila Runner's Instinct Functional Cool Stretch Shorts Black FS2TRD2204X_BLK Size: XL 095 (Length 49.5cm x Waist 85cm x Thigh 72.8cm x Pants hem 29.7cm) Color: Black Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ This shorts features moisture-wicking, quick drying and stretch material with an elasticized waistband, two side pockets, minimal design aesthetics and internal drawstrings. This are great shorts! They don't ride up and provides you enough coverage. Perfect for running and other types of exercise. These are very lightweight, breathable and cozy. The sweat-wicking technology gives adequate ventilation even when running on a hot day! I gave my waist measurements (gasp) and we decided to get XL since I'm bottom-heavy and didn't want to risk a tight-fitting shorts. The fit on me is slightly loose, but nothing a readjustment on the drawstrings could fix. It sits comfortable on my hips and doesn't give me a muffin top. 💯🔥 C.O.M.F.O.R.T.A.B.L.E Additional remarks on the shorts: 🖤 Lets me do unrestrained movements 🖤 Made up of light and soft fabric 🖤 True to its claims: quick drying, so you don't stay too sweaty after exercising 🖤 Can be paired with a basic tee for a casual look 🖤 Also great as lounge shorts inside the house *** Now that I'm done with my review, here are a few photos I took last June at the BTS Map Of The Soul Pop-Up Store in Manila where I flexed my 𝗕𝗧𝗦 𝗫 𝗙𝗶𝗹𝗮 (𝗥𝘂𝗻𝗻𝗲𝗿'𝘀 𝗜𝗻𝘀𝘁𝗶𝗻𝗰𝘁) 𝗝𝗮𝗰𝗸𝗲𝘁 + 𝗦𝗵𝗼𝗿𝘁𝘀~ Please stay tuned for my tiktok and Youtube content as well~ Hope this post convinced you to get this set! Always grateful to Hallyumart x KPOPQ for trusting me. You already know how much I love you guys! 고마워용~ 💜
  9. Yay, look at that. My student has a BTS album. WAAAAHHH! She's an army, haha.

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  10. This is my review for the FILA X BTS Ray Tracer shoes~~ I want to say a massive thank you to KPOPQ and everyone on this site once again 🥰 Love you all~~ This morning, I received my trainers!! As soon as I opened up the package, I noticed the beautiful box that the shoes came in!! The sneakers came, wrapped in lovely FILA paper, with insoles in order to keep the shape of the shoes whilst in transit. I am always a big sucker for nice packaging, so this definitely made me smile 😄 May I also just say, this parcel arrived soooo quickly - I also enjoyed tracking it across the map (they provided free tracking along with my shoes)! Plus - Look at the freebie that came with it!!! It's our hopeeeeeeee - J-HOPEEEE 💗 Now onto the shoes themselves~~ Before I confirmed what size I would like, I did some research and most people said that they run a bit small. Because of this, I got the trainers in UK size 5.5, despite normally wearing UK sizes 4.5 to 5. As soon as I slipped them on, I could feel just how comfortable they were. 🥰 They cushioned my feet perfectly, despite them being new - most new shoes have to be 'broken into' before they fit well, but these were very snug, right from the start. The shoes are lightweight, yet the base is sturdy and offers plenty of support to my feet. I even had a bit more jump in my step!! From the second I had them on my feet, I just had to take photos. You see, I never tend to buy or wear shoes in any colour other than black, so receiving these white trainers allowed for me to try out a new style. I found that the pastel pink and the bright blue hints on the shoes made me feel a lot more summery, and lifted my spirits/mood as a whole 😀 I can now strongly say that, even if you see a pair of shoes in a colour that may seem out of your comfort zone, give them a try!! You never know where your new obsession could begin. Mine has most certainly begun after trying these beaming white sneakers~~ I thought the colour of these shoes went well with the flowers in my garden - so I went with more of a floral theme 🌸🌸🌸 May I quickly point out that the blue part of the shoes is actually made of a suede-like material, which I absolutely adore. I love the details put into these trainers, whether it be the cotton-candy-pink laces, the Fila logo embroidered into the back or the neat trim of thread woven through each colour. The fabric that makes up the majority of the shoes is also very breathable, making it ideal for Summer wear, preventing your feet from overheating!! Additionally, with other trainers that I own, I have the constant worry of creasing the tops, however, due to the placement of the different materials, creasing is not much of a concern - the more breathable, white fabric is where the creases could form, increasing the lifespan of these shoes. You won't have to worry about putting these shoes to the back of your cupboard because of overuse!! I have never owned any trainers with chunky platforms, however I had looked at quite a few in the past. As someone who loves playing sport, particularly badminton that involves a tonne of running and requires me to be fast on my feet, I can safely say that these trainers would be able to withstand a tonne of use. Personally, I would pair these shoes with a summer dress or light-coloured lighter-wear, rather than my typical sport attire, however I believe these shoes would be perfect for a weekend spent walking or travelling for long periods of time. I styled these trainers with my UNIQLO striped jumpsuit. In order to match the shoes, I also wore a thin white shirt underneath it. I often wear this outfit on hotter days, hence I was curious to see how it coordinated with the shoes. I also tried these shoes on with an oversized shirt and sweater vest. At first, I was a tad worried as most of my wardrobe consists of dark blues, light blues and black. It is fair to say that these shoes go with anything. Even when worn as part of a darker outfit, they can fit in, providing some much-needed brightness to the overall costume. Besides, when living in the UK, when don't we need some sort of light >< peak - my Bangtan Bomb in the background 💜 I also got a rose to continue with the floral theme 💮💮💮 Overall - I really really love these shoes, so so so much more than I expected. They are very pretty and go well with practically any summer outfit. Despite them having a stereotypically 'cutesy' vibe, which is very different from my more tomboy-ish personality, they fit in with my daily clothes and allow for me to try out a completely new feeling overall. The only thing you may want to keep in mind is that these shoes are probably not very good against rain or wet weather. I have sprays at home to make shoes waterproof, however I am well aware that others may not have these - so ensure, if you wear these shoes, that you check the weather forecast first!! I hope you enjoyed reading this review~ I loved this opportunity and I would love to do it again!! P.S: I am happy to answer any other questions you may have about these shoes or about any other outfits!!
  11. Have you seen their latest video for Louis Vuitton? They look so expensive.

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  12. Riza Dizon

    Suga waaah

    Who loves Suga? I still can't get over his hair.

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  13. Riza Dizon


    Jimin is so royal here. Annyeong jiminshi.

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  14. When you order the BTS meal but do not get the special packaging 😭
  15. How can he be so handsome and cute at the same time? I still can't imagine and believe that he is the oldest. Borahae Jinniieee

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  16. Riza Dizon


    진 오빠 와! 진짜 사랑해요.

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  17. Riza Dizon

    Jin my boy

    진 오빠 와! 진짜 사랑해요.

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  18. Ahhh, love them so much. haha

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  19. They look so amazing while performing Butter on Music Blood.

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  20. Borahae for SM Supermalls for McDonald's BTS Meal. It is so incredible to watch it - always.

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  21. I was overcome with emotion as a result of this. I've only recently joined the army, but I've already fallen in love with these amazing boys. This selca is literally worth a million words. What do you think about their eighth anniversary?

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  22. Sugaaa oppa. Looking so fine... Hey boys!

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  23. Agassi


    My boy love is so hot.

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