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  1. in the video below yoojung is sporting this black zip up track jacket, but i can't find it anywhere not sure if it's a limited korean run/design or what, but i love the style.
  2. i don't mean to bump an old post but... has any winner been chosen this yet?? posted quite a while ago and i was really looking forward to seeing how someone might've styled this lol.
  3. i just got into watching k dramas within the past two months or so! so far i've watched crash landing on you, sweet home, it's okay not to be okay, and i'm in the middle of watching one called "something in the rain." it's so good! i don't often see it mentioned and it's such a shame it's such a sweet romance and the lead is son ye-jin who so far is my favourite actress. also, i discovered the main theme to the series is a song by bruce willis. like, die hard bruce willis?? had me cracking up for days. i see a lot of people here recommending goblin, so it looks like that wi
  4. hana

    DIY Projects

    i really love to paint denim jackets! i would love to experiment on shoes/bags etc soon. i've actually been thinking of opening my own etsy shop for bts army jackets. i'd love to post photos but idk how, it seems broken for me
  5. while i don't have a collection, it might be cool to hang them up like people often do with polaroids if you're looking to put them on display. if you've ever seen walls that people have a string of fairy lights and clip photos on with a clothespin? something like that i imagine might be nice depending on your aesthetic.
  6. You can count on Hobi to stand out in a crowd The colour on this sweatshirt is very unique. I can't think of the last time I saw someone wear mint! As shown it can be paired with soft, earth tones and I can even see pairing it with pops orange. This pair of Fila's I've had my eye on comes to mind: https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/fila-ray-tracer-chunky-sneaker?inventoryCountry=US&color=015&size=W 5&type=REGULAR&quantity=1 The graphic logos on the back give a vintage photographed look which makes me feel that it almost ties in with the style Jungkook had sh
  7. it's like this chill farming game but you live in this village and you can interact with the characters? that's really what i loved about it tbh, i've never been into grinding games but the story and graphics is adorable. there are special events, lots of fun easter eggs, and the soundtrack is it's a really enjoyable game, not very expensive either. about twenty bucks i think? you should totally try it out. as someone who doesn't really like gaming, to have a couple hundred hours on it... to say the least i really liked it.
  8. idk if you've ever heard of stardew valley.... ashamed to say i have WAY more hours on that game than socially acceptable it was just such a cute game! i'm not a frequent gamer but when i find a game that i really love (far and few between) i can easily spend hours playing it. currently waiting on this game to be released called "Eastward." it's by the same company as stardew valley (chucklefish). i got the chance to play a limited run trial and it was so fun and beautiful to look at. the production was unfortunately halted due to the pandemic
  9. hana

    Do you like to sing?

    i love to sing! alone! where no one can judge! i have an average voice i guess. nothing special. i would love to be coached on how to sing but then i'd have to sing in front of someone... no thanks. i only will sing casually with good friends or my mom. music is always either playing over a speaker or stuck in my head lol, so i usually am always at the very least humming along. but when i rap along to a track, that's when i really feel like a gangster. i've tried to sing while playing guitar too but it messes me up idk why... like my hands just stop working the way th
  10. i also should add that i like how bts has solo songs for each album (or almost all of them? not too familiar with their older works yet) because i think it allows for the band not to only find their identity as a group, but gives breathing room for them to express themselves as individuals.
  11. while all the albums are works of art, i think love yourself: answer and mots 7 takes the cake. they both have a lot of content, and both has a lot of my personal favourites on it. both of these albums have the songs with the best live performances as well. black swan deserved a grammy and i'm so upset they didn't even get nominated for it i think the writing is also superior (more so mots 7) only because you can see how much they've grown and how some of the songs reflect on their past selves and present issues they deal with after hitting worldwide fame. the concept revolvin
  12. i'm so glad you guys are re-running this one! i really love this sweatshirt. like i said the first time, the style reminds me of a vintage sports jersey. the classic colours and 90's style block logo is a yes for me
  13. baby army here... did he ever mention releasing a solo mixtape?? this is news to me but i'm here for it.
  14. hana


    these are really good! i like the photos that you choose. great practice for poses that aren't so plain.
  15. It honestly changes all the time but right now it's: 1) Anpanman (V gets all cute when he dances to this one i can't) 2) Black Swan 3) Telepathy (fr when we gonna get a performance on this one) 4) Friends 5) Inner Child ...whew that was hard it'll for sure change next week.
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