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  1. These BTS Fila Tracer shoes are so cute! The color combination of the white with the blue, pink and brown is subtle enough that it would go with most outfits but also stylist enough to make you stand out in a crowd. I also expect, if they are anything like the rest of the clothing and shoes Fila offers, that they are extremely comfortable and would be perfect for wearing on a hike as well as just during a normal workday. I would love to test these out!
  2. The Fila Neuron shoes look not only incredibly comfortable but are also a practical shoe that can be used for everyday wear. I like that the color combination is not one that is often put together, but is one that works well today and would also work well for most outfits. Likewise, these shoes look like they would be comfortable for all day wear. Finding a pair of shoes that is both comfortable and stylist is not always easy and I’d love to test these out!
  3. The BTS x Fila New Beginning Vintage Label Sweatshirt looks like the perfect item to keep you warm and stylish during the winter! The green used on the shirt is a really gorgeous color and the fit looks to be perfectly oversized so that it can be worn by tucking the front in or by hanging loose. The vintage labels, as well as the overall street fashion look, make this sweatshirt an excellent addition to anyone’s closet. Overall, the fit, color, and overall design make this an item that would be fantastic to be able to wear! my ig is meganhighwind
  4. Definitely clothing! It is really fun getting to try out the new things that you guys get in!
  5. I would be so incredibly excited to get to review the Lamodechief LAMO Signature Long Sleeve T-shirt! To begin, the color is absolutely gorgeous. The pink color looks like it would look good on any man or woman and could be worn for most casual events. Next, the fabric looks like it would not only be incredibly comfortable. For someone like me who places a high value on comfort while also still looking good, it would be the perfect shirt! Overall, a man or woman looking for a shirt that is not only stylish but also comfortable should definitely have this beautiful shirt in their wardrobe.
  6. The BTS x Fila Palette Boa Fleece Jacket looks amazing and would be a great addition to any winter wardrobe! The jacket has a beautiful cream color that looks really nice offset by the red and black stripes that are on the bottom. Not only that, but the fleece itself looks incredibly warm and comfortable!
  7. The BTSxFila In the Soop Suga sweatshirt would be a great addition to any wardrobe! The white of the sweatshirt looks really nice against the red and black accents that are also on the design. The material looks nice and comfortable while also being stylish.
  8. 23.65's shoes look so incredibly comfortable and stylish! Not only does the white color make it so that these shoes could go well with almost any outfit, but the pop of color makes them also really beautiful to look at. Besides that, they look like they would be comfortable enough to be able to wear all day whether you were just taking a short walk or if you were doing something more extensive like hiking. Overall, these shoes look amazing and I think would also feel amazing on your feet and I think they would definitely be a pair of shoes worth owning! Testing these shoes would be an awesome opportunity!
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