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  1. Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a fashion tester. I will try as hard as I can and hope to be a good reviewer and tester. My insta is sa._.gar.101
  2. Thank you for the suggestions and recommendations. I will try to find some drumsticks and pad to see if I can get it lol. The instrument I'm most interested in is piano, but I would love to try to use every instrument at least once , even though that is imppssible. Keyboards are very interesting, I have one but it doesn't work anymore. It was always fun trying to learn how to play it or just mess around with it. Keep on practicing and playing!
  3. I love rhythm games and I would consider myself to be pretty good at it.
  4. Sorry for the very late reply. I've always been curious about scrapbooking and how its done. It sounds fun and I think its a great idea to do one for every year. That way you have the memories of that year in one place which would help so that you don't get confused. I love that you would like to imclude napkins/little nicknacks from places you've visited. I agree it would be cool to look back in the future. It could help to look back whenever your having a hard time or just when you would like to reminisce.
  5. I love singing as well, though I've never learned how to properly sing but I would also like to learn. I like to sing to BTS or DAY6 songs (even though I can't pronounce the words) or to English songs like "She used to be mine" or "I built a friend" I don't think I'm good at singing but people say I am.
  6. Willlow

    Nail Art

    I also find Nail Art to be very interesting. And I agree they are like little art pieces that stay for a week or so. It's like having a museum on your nails I once saw a picture of some nail art where the girls nails were decorated with the theme of green hair from The Grinch which I found to be interesting
  7. Willlow

    DIY Projects

    I don't make DIY but I do decorate stuff sometimes when I'm bored. Your DIY's sound interesting
  8. Yes I agree, I also like movies that make me cry, idk why though Got any suggestions?
  9. Ah yes I like those as well, they're very interesting. What would you suggest for comedy?
  10. Where is Batanes and may I ask what it is? (Sorry I don't really know much)
  11. Ah, well at least you'll be able to see more of the UK and visit places you maybe haven't been to. You don't have to go abroad to have fun or feel like you are really in vacation. (Though it would be fun to go abroad) Just enjoy every moment and I think it'll be great.
  12. Lol yeah its easy to know where one woukd want to go but harder to find a date when one can go or would want to go during. Ah yes the pandemic has made it very difficult for people to visit places but at least it decreases the number of the infected.
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