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  1. No one can resist a cute microphone like BT21 x Royche wireless microphone! With this microphone, we can all sing together with BTS and their songs during their 8th anniversary! It has a smooth handle and cute design and a very suave functionality!
  2. I really love the color! And the threads that were used to make this sweatshirt are what makes it very comfortable to wear too! It's looks fashionable and pretty basic at the same time so it's easy to mix and match with other clothes!
  3. The color combination is so nice and it looks lightweight and very comfortable to wear!
  4. The classic comfy of FILA! Together with its classic colors, FILA has brought another comfortable clothing with its basic sweatshirt that is perfect for any gender
  5. The BTS x FILA Voyager collection (Zama Shine) shoes is actually simple and classic. Its black color and style makes it very easy to be matched with OOTDS. The classy style of the shoes also gives off a cool lowkey vibes appropriate for any gender! It is very comfortable to wear - good for everyday hustle and bustle, as well as the dirt isn't noticeable in this style of shoes.
  6. Talk about classic comfy! A collaboration between BTS and FILA, is giving you a feather-like, vintage, yet comfortable clothes while rocking those vibes! This exellent sweatshirt will complete your OOTD with that simple red, navy and white combination. Made with high quality materials, this sweatshirt will surely make you warm on a cold cold night!
  7. Flex those stompers! 23.65 V2 Multicolour shoes is here to give you that classy comfy retro vibe! These chunky white, beige, and navy colour combination will complete your OOTD! Provided with a flattering shape and thick soles, these shoes will literally level up your everyday hustle and bustle with a comfy feeling while rocking those outfits!
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