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  1. These remind me of my time when I worked at a Noraebang restaurant and worked shifts from 10pm to 3am. While we supplied only regular microphones I can imagine how much more enthusiastic singers would be if they had these! It's cool that it operates as a dual speaker as well so you don't have to be at a noraebang place to sing!
  2. Such a comfy looking shirt. When I see this shirt I instantly recognize this is JK's style, and how it can be fit into a summer outfit now that it is getting warmer. I just know anything worn by Jungkook will be quality and comfortable because you should get to have both when wearing clothes!
  3. Many say that if you cannot be with your favorite idol, then dress like your favorite idol. With the the global popularity of BTS skyrocketing, their stardom has shook the fashion industry. Of course not all of us can afford Dior or Gucci in our everyday outfits, but these shoes can provide you the same air and experience to make yourself feel a little closer to your idol, and at a fraction of the price. These shoes will make you stand a little taller, and not just because they have a 2 inch elevating sole. Wear them all year long, and feel great while doing so! The ugly shoe has never looked to prettier.
  4. What happened to FILA? The iconic brand you know today has had its ups in the 90s and downs in the 2000s and has made an iconic comeback in the 2010s. With Italian origins and Korean entrepreneurship, this sweater is nothing short of fitting into the streetwear or ath-liesure aesthetic. What's even better? Pair the BTS x FILA IN THE SOOP with some BTS x PUMA sneakers. Nothing is better than recognizing a fellow Army than recognizing the inspiration for your clothing choices!
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