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  1. DarlingReviews

    Nail Art

    These aren’t my photos but I love nail art! It’s so fun to see new designs and have them be like a little art piece on you that lasts for a few weeks!
  2. These days I’ve been into brown colors! It’s trendy too and I always thought that brown was an understated color in the fashion world.
  3. DarlingReviews


    I should start dropping daily photos haha
  4. Green is such a vibrant color that goes well with streetwear clothing! It adds a pop of color to a more neutral toned sweatpants which is the standard street wear look. He makes this look so effortlessly fashionable!
  5. Being a fashion tester has been so fun! The clothes are really the best quality ever
  6. Me too, I think I can only say that the group I truly stan is BTS and I’ll listen to some other groups
  7. I saw this!! I’m so excited because I really like her and it’s so cool to see more in depth of her life
  8. I don’t really have a favorite song! I have a lot of favorite songs from them their title songs are all good
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