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  1. How can he be so hot? Like wow! And these shoes just adds more charisma and beauty, so now i start to wonder, is he even real. The shoe is true beauty, jus like our Jk
  2. For the first glance it was so girly and cute, I fell in love with it, but wow Yoongi is so hor with these shoes too! He can rock literally anything. And I still adore the colours, like it gives spring and summer vibes Really cute!
  3. This colour is amazing. I mean, a lot of brand tried to stlye mint, but it's difficult. Now wit J-hope and Fila, I can see how nice it is and truly wearable on the streets. I like the picture on the back too, because it's minimal, don't give the feeling of a poster, but without it it would be too simple. Truly there is nothing I don't like about this item!
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