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  1. Wow, you look so great! I especially loved the two last photos, it looks really cool on you!
  2. Today is my birthday (06/13 like the BTS anniversary ) and the first thing that I saw this morning was this! That you can win microphones and now I am so excited and happy, because there is a thing that I really love to sing and I want my future to be related with that. So this month I will have an exam, it will be jazz singing exam, because I want to study it. That means that winning a microphone, BTS MIC… it would be absolutely a dream come true and that would be the best Birthday gift! And I believe that they are really cool and actually very useful, especially when I want to sing everyday, and, of course, they are so adorable with these characters I would be so grateful and happy to win Cooky’s wireless microphone speaker aah that’s my dream
  3. Omg! When I first saw these T-shirts on Jungkook, I really like them even then, and I believe that they are not just very fashionable, but also really comfortable, I would like to have them, simply because I truly like them, especially, when JK have these it would be really cool to win them
  4. OMG! These shoes look so cool and comfortable! I would love to have these shoes, especially when Jungkook presented them, they look so good on him, I absolutely in love with these, I would be so happy if I would win them
  5. I really like these JK Runner's Instinct Neuron 5 Nuclear Shoes, they look so cool and I believe that they are really comfortable! It would be fantastic to win them
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