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  1. Lara Taberham

    Hii :D

    Hehe ❤❤
  2. Lara Taberham

    Trifle 😋

    It is very delicious!! I recommend trying it if you've never had trifle before!!
  3. Oh!! There must be quite a big time difference!!
  4. Today's Outfit: Cropped light blue t-shirt Loose white shorts - lace fabric
  5. Lara Taberham

    Goodnight 🌃

    Peek my korean notes on my wall + the rabbit drawing my boyfriend drew for me
  6. Lara Taberham

    Trifle 😋

    Today, since the weather in London was very hot, I made some trifle. Trifle is a tradition English Summer dessert!! It normally had sponge inside the jelly, custard and then cream on top, however I don't really like sponge or cream So, instead, I just had the jelly and custard. It was still really delicious!!
  7. Lara Taberham

    Kew Gardens

    It was really pretty, but also super hot!! It was a very hot day, so inside the greenhouses, it was even hotter!! It was also quite humid
  8. Lara Taberham

    Kew Gardens

    Yepp!! It is in Kew Gardens - there is a greenhouse with beautiful lily pads inside!!
  9. Oh how come??? Aren't there any pizza restaurants/shops near where you live??
  10. Considering the size of their base, they were very very lightweight!!!
  11. Haha me too!! I always crave pizza
  12. It is called 'All the Meats'!! It was super super tasty!! It has cheese and tomato on the bottom, then sausage, pepperoni and bacon on top. It also has stuffed crust!! That means that there is cheese inside the crust
  13. Lara Taberham

    Mochiko ❤

    Mochiko says meow to you too!!
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