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  1. Tell me about your favourite country and why is it your favourite! What makes you really amazed in it? Or which country would you like to visit and why? If you have photos feel free to share! I'd love to see your pictures from trips! My fav country so far is Croatia. I've never seen so beautiful views in my life! And people there were really kind and welcoming
  2. Julia

    Suga x Dark Prince

    Well done bebe
  3. Julia

    Suga winter 2021

    Isn't he cute?
  4. I think Bang Chan is my bias because his a great leader and he's so adorable but felix is so cute and his deep voice is killing me❤ but i love all of them!
  5. So whats your fav songs? and who is your bias?
  6. I really like Back Door and Gods Menu
  7. Julia


    This colour is soooo pretty!
  8. Julia

    I am crying

    Long hair make him look more matured and kinda rockish haha, but it suits him
  9. Oh really? I haven't met Polish people here yet so it's so cool hahah Do you live in Poland? And if bts have a concert in Berlin, I'll go for sure!!!
  10. It must have been a great experience Sadly, they've never been in my country so I didn't have a chance to see them. I hope soon we will se them on tour ❤
  11. For example I like to draw animals or nature and in these drawings every element has geometric shape
  12. Someone tell me why their hair looks always so good, healthy and shiny... LIKE WHAT CONDITIONER DO THEY USE? EXPLAIN ME
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