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  1. As of right now, I only have one tattoo (more to come) and it's probably a very common one. I have a semicolon on my wrist. The symbol became meaningful to me as soon as I had learned what it meant and how it relates to me and my own story. I kept drawing the it on my wrist with waterproof eyeliner Eventually I decided to make it permanent.
  2. honsool journey


    a shot of the moon taken a couple of nights ago ^^ good night
  3. they keep posting new things and I can't get over him
  4. I've mentioned Gaho quite often but if you're looking to jazz up your playlist, these are a few of his that I have been playing on repeat lately enjoy and have a nice day!
  5. Wishing Jiwoo so much love and happiness in her up-coming marriage
  6. Ahhh trueee, but I think this was on actresses in an interview ^^
  7. Every so often @megacofee will publish a post where it is stated that they are looking for fashion testers, so you have to look out for those. You have to follow the instructions on that specific post and react within the deadline. then @megacoffee will choose a winner, who will eventually receive the product and will have to write a review on that product
  8. How does one not want to smile when they see this face
  9. sometimes I replay the drama just to watch his funny/cute moments
  10. yesss new photos on arenakorea ig
  11. good morning and a happy birthday to jung hoseok and jung hoseok only
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