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  1. I don't think my collection is big at all! I buy all of the dvds, albums and 1 or 2 sets of world tour pcs when they're available. I don't buy spares haha. My wallet would cry.
  2. Honestly, I use two binders, the one from MOTS like I mentioned, but I only use it for world tour pcs and any bigger ones. Clear binder for normal cards! and any non-standard. So like Season Greetings ID pics and stuff like that
  3. Yay! My Lamodechief arrived! First of all, I was so impressed with how quickly the shirt was dispatched and how fast it arrived. It was shipped 11/01 and arrived on 15/01 (to the UK) via DHL express. There were no customs, wow! I was so happy hearing a doorbell. When I opened the package I was honestly starstruck. The quality is superb, the material is so pleasing to touch, even though it's not fluffy. I decided to wear it a couple of times to write my honest review. I was wondering about the sizing, as I'm a shortie (5'1 or 154). I picked the smaller size, an
  4. I bought Mots photocard album and just store them like that. You can also get a normal binder, buy sleeves with appropriate pockets and sort them
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