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  1. Hi everyone! Been MIA for a bit. How's everyone doing?

  2. Yay~ looks good on you! The shirt is definitely an awesome addition to anyone's closet
  3. rheadoo

    BTS TinyTan x Downy

    Laundry anyone? ㅎㅎㅎ P.S. Peep my feet haha
  4. Yahooooo! It looks so nice ♡ Can't wait for the review~
  5. rheadoo

    념 념

  6. Another functional yet stylish piece from BTS x Fila! It's the kind of top that you can wear multiple ways. One can go the casual route and pair it with jeans, sneakers, a cap and shades but I want to channel Hobi's fashionista and no-rules style and try a more colorful look like this: The vintage print on the back is a nice addition and I'm pretty sure the material used won't make you sweat too much but would also keep you warm during cooler temperatures. We'll never know, until we try ㅋㅋㅋ
  7. Happy February everyone ^ω^

  8. A year late ... all I can say is wow! Literally just finished watching and had to share~ I devoured this show like crazy! The proram aired in Jan 2020 with the final episode shown in March 2020. It's a basketball reality show with Seo Jang Hoon (a legendary former professional basketball player who is currently active as an entertainer) as coach of a celebrity team. My fave would be Moon Su In (so so so so so gooooood + cute haha) and of course Cha Eun Woo! The show is super entertaining and I literally gasped and screamed internally when their opponent scores and shouted YES
  9. Where do I start? The immaculate hair? The eye-pleasing color aesthetics? The soft yet grungy feel? Ugh~ Love your style!
  10. Just finished the latest episodes of Run On and True Beauty!
  11. I'm positive Germany has a fanbase where they do projects. Twitter might help you find them!
  12. I'm pretty sure they have projects in your country! I've seen cover groups and some big accounts in Twitter. Try to find the local fanbase in the UK!
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