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  1. He is still such a baby uwu
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  2. in contrast to seeing him grind during serendipity... ugh this man
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  3. it usually doesn't work on me when my sister tries to pull the puppy eyes on me... but yoongi... all it takes for him is to breathe and i'd give him the world
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  4. true! i love the graphics of ios because they’re easier on the eyes. lmao bangtan and ios? we don’t know anything we only know bangtan and samsung
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  5. I just posted the same pic I am sorry I didn't know you posted it too
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  6. he's doing the bare minimum but oh my my my
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  7. omg i agree!! they started having solos since wings if i am not wrong, thats why i like wings the best (although i prefeer ynwa because it has more repackage songs). i love how they get to express themselves through their own songs but without the stress of a whole mixtape. it's nice to have solos in an album itself rather than them having to compose a whole new solo mixtape just to release solo songs.
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  8. you're right! mots7 is one of bts' most intricate yet beautiful abums to date. black swan was a cultural reset on its own and grammys really scammed bts by not giving even a single nomination for it i was expecting one nomination for the music video but bts never shy away from such complex concepts in their music, i remember stanning them after watching blood sweat and tears because of not only their dance and music but also bcause i never saw a music group show such mysterious themes. after that i bought 'demian', 'owl service' and 'the ones who walked away from omelas' to catch up
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