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Riza Dizon

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Hello, beloved moots, today I will share with you another common words that we usually hear in Korean conversations.

In Korean, "Yes" is 네 and "No" is 아니요 in 존댓말 (polite language).

But did you know that in Korean, when people say 네, it is not the same thing as saying "Yes" in English. The same goes for "아니요" too. This is because the Korean 네 expresses your "agreement" to what the other person said. And 아니요 expresses your "disagreement" or denial to what the other person said.

Also, it could be used as a conversation filler as well. That is why it is a multi-player. So next time, when you hear someone saying 네, you will know and understand that it is more than just yes or that's right 😉

Let's study Korean together, chingudeul! 💛💖💜

#KOST #Koreanstudytogether #Lingpals #Koreanlanguage #Learnkorean #Studykorean #Koreanclass #Korean #Koreandrama #koreanstudy

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