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Day 01 - Korean Study Challenge.jpg

Riza Dizon

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Another challenge is up with you guys. And for today, I'll be sharing with you all my routine in learning Korean with Talk To Me In Korean book.

One way to review everything is to get back to the level where you already learned for a long time. And today, we will talk about 안녕하세요 and 감사합니다.

As you see, 안녕하세요 is the most commonly way of greeting someone in Korean, and is in 존댓말, polite/formal language.

감사합니다, on the other hand, is the most commonly used formal way of saying "Thank you. " 감사 means "gratitude" and 합니다 means "I do" or "I am doing" in polite/formal language, so together it means "Thank you."

So, next time, you can now say thank you in Korean when someone compliments you or gives you a gift. 😉

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