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    • BTS x FILA New Beginning Vintage Label Sweat Shirt: Jhope
      BTS x FILA New Beginning Vintage Label Sweat Shirt: Jhope


      How are you guys?

      February event starts. This is the sweatshirt worn by J-Hope from FILA and BTS's new beginning collection for 2021.
      If you like green color and jhope, fila or clothes, join nowΒ 

      Challenge yourself as a fashion tester now!

      *Application period: Now ~ Feb. 08Β KST


      *How to apply:


      1. Please write your thoughts about this sweat shirtΒ in the comments below.
      2. Follow UsΒ Β https://www.instagram.com/hlmt_love/




      *Reward:Β 1Β BTS FILA NEW BEGINNING Vintage Label Sweatshirts (Learn more)



      *Announcement: Feb.08 2021(KST)
      -Exchange is not possible after receiving the product.
      -The announcement date may be delayed depending on the selection process.



      *Review writing period (Winner only): Within one week after receiving the productΒ (Write a review here)
      (The written review can be used secondarily as marketing content.)



      *Notes on writing a review
      -Please do not delete the written review post and keep it.





      *WINNER:Β ???

      WinnerΒ can write a review here.

      WinnerΒ write reviews on behalf of hundreds of applicants.

      Don't be disappointed that you didn't win. Another event awaits you.

      Winning Tip: Community Activities

      Winners must send a message to megacoffee within 2 days. Winners without contact will be considered void.



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    • Yay! My Lamodechief arrived!


      First of all, I was so impressed with how quickly the shirt was dispatched and how fastΒ it arrived. It was shippedΒ 11/01 and arrived on 15/01 (to the UK) via DHL express. There were no customs, wow! I was so happy hearing a doorbell.Β 

      When I opened the package I was honestlyΒ starstruck. The quality is superb, the material is so pleasing to touch, even though it's not fluffy. I decided to wear it a couple of times to write my honest review.Β 

      I was wondering about the sizing, as I'm a shortie (5'1 or 154). I picked the smaller size, and I can say that I couldn't pick more perfectly. I love oversize shirts for a cozy evenings and this one is definitely it, although I will also wear it as a dress and add harness as the accessory. The sleeves are long and so nice! If you wanna feel little and cute this is an item for you. But men can wear it too! It will look so stylish, just check how Jungkook is wearing it, isn't he slaying?Β 

      I will definitely wear it a lot.

      For my review pics I paired it with a black bum bag, chain boots and leggings. I feel both cute and sexy in this look.Β 
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    • Fila has released the promotional photos of BTS for FILA New Semester 2021 New Beginning
      Fila has released the promotional photos of BTS for FILA New Semester 2021 New Beginning. Check out the pictures below and share your thoughts on the new products. Are you excited?








      Group picture

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    • BTS x Fila 2021.jpg
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    • Any song recommendations aside from Bts' song?Β 
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    • I couldn’t believe my eyes! When I first saw these shoes in the promotion pictures, I instantly felt a connection: I wanted them to be mine! The colors, the style, the details, everything about these shoes is calling me. I love this style that screams β€œspring” (my favorite season). In May and June, I usually start wearing more colorful things, just like these, that would suit both a sweater and a spring dress for a more β€œgirly” look. I love the different materials and, what about the logo? It’s pink and light blue, so pretty! They look very comfortable and easy to wear, perfect to have a walk or a picnic in the park!
    • How can he be so hot? Like wow! And these shoes just adds Β more charisma and beauty, so now i start to wonder, is he even real. The shoe is true beauty, jus like ourΒ Jk❀️
    • For the first glance it was so girly and cute, I fell in love with it, but wow Yoongi is so hor with these shoes too! Β He can rock literally anything. And I still adore the colours, like it gives spring and summer vibes😍 Really cute!
    • I've been wanting these shoes for so long!!! I think they're so so so cute. I have a pair of plain white FILA shoes and I love them, so I'm sure I'll love these even more!! And they look so good on Suga so I know they'll look good on anyone else!!!!! The colors are PERFECT for my style. These are all my favorite colors!! I love the mix of pastels with neutral colors so much!! I would love to have a pair to show off and I would love to write an honest opinion about them to encourage everyone else to get a pair too!!Β 
    • This colour is amazing. I mean, a lot of brand tried to stlye mint, but it's difficult. Now wit J-hope and Fila, I can see how nice it is and truly wearable on the streets. I like the picture on the back too, because it's minimal, don't give the feeling of a poster, but without it it would be too simple.Β  Truly there is nothing IΒ don't like about this item!
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