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  3. Being a fashion tester has been so fun! The clothes are really the best quality ever
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  5. That's dope, I always wished that I could draw realistic faces but I can't I also would love to learn how to draw anime. I bet you would do a great job!
  6. I have a friend who plays that as well. I tried but im not really a gamer I died most of the time XD
  7. Hi guys! What is your favourite and most valuable thing you have because od kpop? What meaning it has for you? Tell me your story!
  8. i also should add that i like how bts has solo songs for each album (or almost all of them? not too familiar with their older works yet) because i think it allows for the band not to only find their identity as a group, but gives breathing room for them to express themselves as individuals.
  9. Same! I also finished Do do sol sol la la sol and let me say that was a huge emotional rollercoaster by the end
  10. while all the albums are works of art, i think love yourself: answer and mots 7 takes the cake. they both have a lot of content, and both has a lot of my personal favourites on it. both of these albums have the songs with the best live performances as well. black swan deserved a grammy and i'm so upset they didn't even get nominated for it i think the writing is also superior (more so mots 7) only because you can see how much they've grown and how some of the songs reflect on their past selves and present issues they deal with after hitting worldwide fame. the concept revolvin
  11. I would love to become a fashion tester! I'm into kpop and kdrama for over a year now. But what trully makes me amazed is korean culture. They have such a unique and different style of make-up and clothing which makes them stands out from western countries. This make me really curious about future trends there
  12. Seventeen have dropped the latest episode of their show Inside Seventeen. Watch their behind-the-scenes at the Fact Music Awards below!
  13. Me too! I hope Rose and Jisoo open theirs too and that Lisa also gets the opportunity to share more contents on her own channel!
  14. For me, I think Taehyung's hoodie and shoes and Jhope and Seokjin's bags look the best! Simplistic and chic!!
  15. Fila has released the promotional photos of BTS for FILA New Semester 2021 New Beginning. Check out the pictures below and share your thoughts on the new products. Are you excited? Seokjin Yoongi Jhope Namjoon Jimin Taehyung Jungkook Group picture
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