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  2. I have been a Kpop fan for awhile now and I’ve always loved there fashion. Korea has a beautiful and unique style of clothing that makes me always wonder what is coming up next for the fashion trend.
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  4. Stray Kids‘ Bang Chan celebrated his 100th episode of Chan’s Room with some special guests! His fellow 3RACHA members Changbin and Han joined him. They came in with gifts of flowers and cake while singing “Happy Birthday.” As usual, they played music, but this time, it was all songs recommended by Stray Kids members. They also ended up playing some of their own songs but unreleased ones. The company probably does not know about this, but we’re just going to do it anyway. We’re going to play three songs and we’ll play a little bit and see what you guys think about it. — Bang
  5. As many Carats know, SEVENTEEN‘s THE8 has amazing taste in fashion! From his stylish clothing to his unique accessories, THE8 is definitely one of the group’s biggest fashionistas! So what’s his secret to looking so amazing all the time? THE8 answered that very question in an interview with Arena Homme Plus! During his interview, THE8 answered several fun questions and showed off his artistic side as he designed a tote bag with his own drawing! One of the questions asked, “What do you care about the most in your fashion?” Like many other people, THE8 shared he dresses according to hi
  6. ENHYPEN has officially kicked off the countdown to their first comeback! On April 5 KST, the BELIFT LAB rookie group unveiled the teaser schedule for their 2nd mini album 'BORDER: CARNIVAL.' According to the schedule, the teasers began with the release of the 'Intro: The Invitation' video released earlier that day, and will continue with various concept moodboards, films, and photos before the release of the tracklist on April 16, the album preview video on April 19, and the release of two music video teasers on April 22 and 24. Meanwhile, 'BORDER: CARNIVAL' is set for release on Apr
  7. K-Pop artists had some fun with their fans for April Fools' day as some of the artists played some pranks on their fans. TXT's Hueningkai also played a cute prank on his fans. On April 1, Hueningkai told fans on Weverse that he had posted a new selfie photo. However, fans were not able to see a photo on his Weverse account and wondered where he had posted it. Soon, detective fans discovered Hueningkai's second account that he had created for April Fools' day. Hueningkai created an account with the username 'real Hueningkai' and posted the selfie photo on that account. Fans were
  8. EXO's Chanyeol is less than a day away from releasing his new solo single! On April 5 KST, SM STATION unveiled the music video teaser for Chanyeol's upcoming single "Tomorrow." In the clip, a sample of the song's hook plays as a camera focuses on the idol jogging down a long and empty street. As previously reported, the single, which was written by the idol himself, was specially prepared for fans as a present commemorating his military enlistment on March 29 Meanwhile, "Tomorrow" is set for release on April 6. Check out the music video teaser! source: allkpop
  9. GOT7 went viral due to their hilarious April Fools’ pranks. Members, such as BamBam, Jinyoung, and Jay B (JB), shared posters of their fake solo world tours across social media. Fans theorized that maknae BamBam was the mastermind behind all of this, and they were correct. In an Instagram Live, Mark read comments, and a fan said that they thought his black hair was an April Fools’ joke. He confirmed it to be real and said, “No, I’m not going to pull jokes like that.” The comment made him laugh and provoked him to ask, “Did you guys fall for BamBam’s concert jokes?”
  10. Photography is a hobby that BLACKPINK‘s Jennie holds dear, collecting high-quality cameras and dedicating an Instagram account to the lovely photos she takes. When asked for the best photo she’s ever snapped with her camera, she shared one that made her happiest. With her phone held high, Jennie showed Harper’s Bazaar Korea a photo of two finely dressed older men she happened to meet overseas. She said, “When I went to a vintage store in the UK, there were gentlemen who were wearing nice clothes from head to toe.” Jennie couldn’t pass up the opportunity when inspiration str
  11. On April 5th, various social media platforms such as Twitter have filled the web with photos of BTS member J-Hope's new hair color. Previously, J-Hope had shared with fans that he had dyed his hair and revealed his red hair on April 1 KST through Weverse. However, fans realized they were fooled for April Fools as soon as HYBE uploaded the video 'HYBE x Ithaca Holdings.' In the video, BTS appeared and shared their thoughts on HYBE obtaining Ithaca Holdings, which is home to big names like Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande. In the video, J-Hope was seen with silver hair and not
  12. Haven't tried testing products and clothes before but wanna give it a try because I really like korean fashion and other products especially the street style clothing!!! So if there's no particular eligibility or stuff then I also wanna give it a try and thanks for this opportunity:)))) Insta: tamannadatta__
  13. There is a drama called Whilst You Were Sleeping. The ending seemed happy.... until one of the main characters got hit by a car
  14. Hi everyone! Been MIA for a bit. How's everyone doing?

  15. As of right now, I only have one tattoo (more to come) and it's probably a very common one. I have a semicolon on my wrist. The symbol became meaningful to me as soon as I had learned what it meant and how it relates to me and my own story. I kept drawing the it on my wrist with waterproof eyeliner Eventually I decided to make it permanent.
  16. It can take a great amount of time when you are planning to choose a tattoo for yourself that will last with you till you die. You can search online for epic tattoo designs or take advice from your tattoo designer about how much money does ribs tattoo cost and for unique and attractive tattoo design ideas. You can also get a tattoo of the things that are special and meaningful to you, people that inspire you, a piece of art that speaks to you, or words of wisdom that encourage you. How did you choose your tattoo design?
  17. in the video below yoojung is sporting this black zip up track jacket, but i can't find it anywhere not sure if it's a limited korean run/design or what, but i love the style.
  18. I was wondering this too >< I never saw a review for the product but I was excited to see what they paired it with
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